Ike was gone for two days.
Everything is still not back to normal. UT health science center and MDanderson didn't open yet.
Many residents in Houston lost power and haven't recover yet.

We are so so lucky. We didn't have too much damage, except the mango tree punched our apartment whole night and scared us. The roof had a small leakage.

The fences between our complex and neighhood were fallen down several pieces. Also, several trees were crushed by strong winds. There was no flooding. And we got power after it was gone for fourteen hours. Saturday the water was still slow and government said it might be infected and should not be drinked. Today the water is running normally. Accourding the officially reoport,  it is not contigious. We were back to our daily ife except for going to work.

I am running a dataset by STATA now. It might be my first poster in US. I will send it to a local conference. It's just a first try. After I get permission to start my dissertation, I will try to send more articles out.

One more day, we will go New York for a trip. Hope it will be a good experience.


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