No wonder my English is so poor. I didn't memorize any English idiom even I learned English since my junior school. Dixson Idioms, I remembered the name of this book, but I didn't know it at all. 

Today, I learned few idioms. If someone asked me, how do you drive for a long way to New Orleans and stil look vigorous. I will say 'My husband and I took turns driving so that neither of us would tire out.' See, the idiom is really useful.

Also, like tonight,  I would say Detroit turned around to win red sox after they lost 7 games.

If someone asked me, are you gonna stay in the United States or go back to your home country. I would say I am about to leave the United States when I woud have finished my dissertation. After I passed my qualifying exam, it's about time to write my proposal.

If  I repeatly read the article over and over again, I would understand it. Time after time I have to remind my brothers to give my mom a call for a week. I hope they will promise me they will keep in mind, but they won't. They don't see eye to eye with me. Even my mom is really getting older. She needs family cares about her. She is very sensitive. We have to watch what we say to her.

For once, I can feel they really care about her, but it's just a temporary thing. After she diagnosised breast cancer and got operation, it seemed like all have done. I want to make the best of everything to cheer up her.

All sentences at above look ackaward. It doesn't matter. It is just a practice. I hope one day I can write down all I want to say it in English.  

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