In five more days, I will become Mrs. Yu. It seems like not real, but it is true.  

July 19, 2007, Vince and me will get married at Houston. We prepared a pair of rings, but had nothing else. We will not wear wedding suits, but we will invite some friends to our house for celebrating out marriage later.

Nothing is changed. We still live together. No one move in or move out.  Only one thing which I am sure is Vince treats me better than ever. I think it will be getting better and better. That's why I want to marry with him.

I feel more comfortable for staying in Houston now.  Everything has been getting better since I met Vince.  I will never forget it. Especially, when we were fighting with each other, I always reminded myself. Don't forget the initial moment.

I hope I can write my diary every day in English. 

It will help me to use English. It's a really important thing to me for now.


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